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  • Rating: 11/12 - 13 reviews

High-quality MCAT Book

The US Review of Books

Gold Standard MCAT Guide 7 exams MCAT practice tests book
Using quality practice exams followed by a routine, comprehensive review will result in an improved MCAT score ... This book with its online access card makes for a low-cost, high-quality preparation tool. The bonus science summaries at the end of the book should also prove useful for students who wish to review before taking the actual MCAT test.

Best Unofficial MCAT Practice Material

David Petersam, Admissions Consultants

Are you looking for additional practice tests to augment the official ones? This is the best unofficial practice material we have come across! Seven complete practice exams containing a total of 1,610 high-quality MCAT practice questions come with this guide. Five of the tests are in the book with two more online.

Just one word of warning in the interest of 'full disclosure.' The book comes with a non transferable code for one year of online access. Most of our readers are not interested in used test prep books. They don't want to be influenced by other readers' notes. Additionally, they are (hopefully!) going to complete their MCAT test preparations within one year of the book's purchase.

Outstanding MCAT Questions

Aaron Blackshaw, founder of The Hero Complex and medical student at the Medical University of South Carolina

The breadth of content and difficulty of questions that Gold Standard MCAT uses is outstanding. I can’t tell you how many times I found my areas of weakness while using these tests.

Thorough Solutions for All Practice Questions

Maheen Nadeem, Emory University, Atlanta

I used GS' MCAT 2015 practice tests and found them very helpful, particularly the thorough solutions for all questions. The tests covered all section's topics and specifically highlight the AAMC topic clause covered in each question so I knew that the questions were well thought out to best emulate what would show up on the test. The GS tests emulated my actual test closer than any other test company's products I used. I performed well on my first attempt and have GS to thank for my success.

The Gold Standard MCAT Prep Works

Matthew "Grant" Hogan, UT Health and Science Center San Antonio Class of 2018

I can now finally say that the Gold Standard works. I received my MCAT scores, and scored slightly higher than I had been scoring on the Gold Standard exams. As long as you can see yourself making progress in the History section of the website, you're on the right track. Dr. Ferdinand does a great job summing up everything an MCAT examinee needs to have nailed in order to do well on the exam. I'm glad to have taken part in your study program.

Solid Selection of Online MCAT Courses online courses do rank among the most affordable in the industry. offers a solid selection of online courses that combine on-demand video lessons and virtual classroom meetings. Choose from stand-alone courses that cover each of the individual MCAT content areas, including biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, and verbal reasoning, or go with the complete Platinum Package for a comprehensive MCAT prep solution.

Amazing MCAT Prep

Anitha Menon

I want to whole heartedly thank Gold Standard for the amazing MCAT Prep. I was really grateful for Gold Standard's awesome resources. In particular, the practice tests are really good for strengthening your knowledge of the material and for helping you figure out timing. If you can finish a Gold Standard MCAT with 5 minutes to spare, you can finish any MCAT with plenty of time. Again, I would like to thank Gold Standard from the bottom of my heart, as I think they were truly one of the most useful resources in my studying, particularly in PS!"

Improved MCAT Scores

Hasan K. Memon, student

I received my MCAT scores, and scored slightly higher than I had been scoring on the Gold Standard exams. Dr. Ferdinand does a great job summing up everything an MCAT examinee needs in order to do well on the exam.

MCAT Practice Tests

Mike Frazier, Former UCLA Medical School Admissions Committee Member and Author of Medical School Insider

As far as how well their practice tests mimic the real deal, from my review of posted scores, Gold Standard practice tests were within a point or two of the real MCAT tests.

Harder Than the Real MCAT Exam


The Gold Standard MCAT Practice exams are the best alternative to the AAMC practice MCAT exams. However, in my opinion they might even be better. The practice MCAT exams offered by the Gold Standard company are significantly cheaper than the AAMC exams. The similarity between the real exam and the ones offered by the Gold Standard are very close, both in question quality and the interface. Great practice. Great support through forums and explanations. Slightly harder than real exam.

Excellent Product

Justin Dreyfuss , student

Very satisfied with the overall experience, excellent product that Gold Standard MCAT sells.

Great for MCAT Preparation

Kristen Robinson, student

I thought Gold Standard was great for MCAT preparation. The science on the PS section was harder than the actual MCAT, which made the real one seem easier.

Close to the real MCAT Exam

Roman Muntyanu, student

Content of MCAT practice tests was very close to actual test.

Gold Standard rated 11 out of 12 based on 13 Client reviews.