MCAT Preparation Advice

MCAT Preparation Advice and Guide to AAMC and Gold Standard MCAT Materials

For your MCAT prep review, you may require more or less time depending on several things.

Although not prerequisites, these are the college courses which would simplify your MCAT prep.

Explore free and paid MCAT prep options from the AAMC, Khan Academy and Gold Standard MCAT.



Prepare for MCAT success. Choose the best MCAT preparation for your learning style and budget.

For your MCAT preparation, there will be many options for the review part: college textbooks, YouTube or Khan MCAT Academy videos, and many others. Gold Standard has been teaching MCAT for over 20 years and you can bet that we will be able to continue to provide you the option of top quality review ebooks, online videos with clear teaching, MP3s, flashcards, iPhone/Android apps and more. Our focus will continue to be problem-based learning.

You can sign up to practice with our free online MCAT practice test and/or try some MCAT sample questions. The AAMC has a free study guide (interactive online program) which provides some sample questions for each section as well as a description of the new exam in detail: MCAT Interactive Program.

And finally, for the full-length practice test part of your MCAT preparation: The AAMC has five full-length MCAT practice tests while Gold Standard MCAT has released 7 full-length online MCAT practice tests. Spending one day immersed in a timed exam followed by a very careful question-by-question review for 1-2 days is the best way to improve your score over time. Of course, each post-exam period should include the taking of brief notes which are reviewed several times per week.

Your undergraduate studies have probably taught you to focus on developing knowledge. If you want your MCAT experience to be successful, then your MCAT preparation must be focused on developing your reasoning skills. We understand the MCAT and we can assert that the Gold Standard MCAT will continue to aim to optimize your performance.'s MCAT Guide

To help you prepare for the exam, Gold Standard MCAT has laid out comprehensive information on MCAT scores, topics covered, MCAT test dates, preparation advice and free MCAT sample questions.