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A Path to Optimizing Your MCAT Performance

For your MCAT prep review, you may require more or less time depending on several things.

Although not prerequisites, these are the college courses which would simplify your MCAT prep.

Prepare for MCAT success. Choose the best MCAT preparation for your learning style and budget.

When preparing for your MCAT, you'll have various review options to choose from. These may include using college textbooks, watching educational videos on platforms like YouTube or Khan Academy, and exploring other resources. Gold Standard has a long-standing track record of over 30 years in teaching MCAT, ensuring that we offer top-quality review materials such as eBooks, online videos with clear teaching, MP3s, flashcards, and iPhone/Android apps. Our approach remains focused on problem-based learning, which has proven to be effective.

To get started, you can sign up for our free MCAT practice test. Additionally, you have the option to try out some MCAT sample questions. The AAMC also provides a free study guide through its interactive online program. This guide includes sample questions for each section and a detailed description of the exam format.

For the full-length practice test portion of your preparation, both the AAMC and Gold Standard offer options. The AAMC provides five full-length MCAT practice tests, while Gold Standard has seven full-length online MCAT practice tests. To optimize your performance over time, it is recommended to spend a day immersed in a timed exam and then dedicate 1-2 days to a thorough question-by-question review. During this post-exam period, taking brief notes and reviewing them several times per week can be beneficial.

While your undergraduate studies might have emphasized knowledge development, success in the MCAT requires a focus on enhancing your reasoning skills. Gold Standard understands the unique demands of the exam and is committed to helping you improve your performance during your preparation.

Free Study Resources

Gold Standard MCAT offers a wealth of resources to aid you in your exam preparation. We provide comprehensive information on how the exam is scored, the topics covered in the exam, test dates, valuable preparation advice, and even offer free MCAT sample questions. These resources are designed to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in your preparation.