Gold Standard Affiliate Program

Earn revenues from the Gold Standard Affiliate Program


Gold Standard Multimedia Education is offering a great affiliate program for any website owners that want to generate extra revenue for themselves by advertising great test prep materials. Our program comes with exceptional commissions and expert service to help affiliates maximize their potential.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

An affiliate marketing program is designed to incentivize website owners and other internet companies (you) to promote the goods of a merchant (us) by paying a commission for any sales generated by your website. If a customer makes a purchase of a good by clicking on the advertisement on your website, you get a portion of the sale just by showing the ad!

What are the Benefits of an Affiliate Marketing Program?

The benefits to this program are simple: you get paid just by placing an advertisement on your webpage. The system tracks the customer's path to making the final purchase of the product and determines the commission for the owner of the affiliated webpage. In essence, you can make extra money without having to do any extra work.

What are the Specific Details of the Gold Standard Affiliate Program?

Here are the main points about our program:

  • *10% commissions on all products sold which is paid to the affiliate once $1000 USD in sales has been accrued
  • *60 day cookies which track how the customer was directed from your ad to making the final purchase
  • *Custom ads and graphic available by request from our team

What do I need to do to Get Started?

Getting started with the program will only take you minutes. To sign up, you can click here: Gold Standard MCAT Affiliate Registration Form to fill out the online form and see our full Affiliate Agreement. Once you have signed up, you may choose which products you want to sell and which advertisements work best for your website.

What If I Need Additional Help?

For additional help or questions regarding the program, please email