Gold Standard MCAT Physics Videos

Gold Standard MCAT Physics Videos

Our Gold Standard MCAT Physics videos have been carefully produced to make your MCAT preparation easier. We offer a great diversity of high-yield topics ranging from basic to MCAT level. We have our 'old school' and 'new school' teaching videos, as well as virtual classroom videos. You can sample MCAT Physics videos below or by logging into for a free MCAT account (1 hour of access), or by joining one of our MCAT courses (unlimited access within your access period: Online MCAT Course, Home Study Package, Complete MCAT Course).

The Critical Angle

New: Endoscopy

MCAT Physics Videos

Atom (Physics) 5:07 min
Nuclear Reactions 6:06 min
Radioactive Decay and Half-Life 3:37 min
Electricity vs. Gravity 10:47 min
Electric Circuits I 5:35 min
Electric Circuits II 7:19 min
Electric Circuits III 5:36 min
Kirchoff's Laws 10:43 min
Kirchoff's Second Law 5:55 min
Physics Review, Electricity 13:25 min
Characteristics of Waves 9:33 min
Interference Of Waves 2:35 min
Diffraction 8:44 min
Optics 2:19 min
Reflection 17:15 min
Refraction, Thin Lens 7:46 min
Snell's Law 3:33 min
The Critical Angle 9:06 min
New: Endoscopy and Total Internal Reflection 4:29 min
New: Scalars and Vectors 11:25 min
Force and Motion 6:48 min
Weight and Units 7:48 min
Friction 5:26 min
Applying Newton's Laws 4:06 min
New: The Basic Physics d-v-a vs t Graphs 6:06 min
New: Translational Motion: Graph Analysis I 15:35 min
New: MCAT Translational Motion: Graph Analysis II 6:39 min
New: MCAT Translational Motion: The Basics 15:02 min
New: MCAT Translational Motion Practice Problem 2:04 min
Projectile Motion 8:38 min
Work 8:12 min
Circular Motion 4:24 min
Circular Motion Problem 2:52 min
Work-Energy Theorem 3:59 min
Energy and Entropy 4:38 min
Momentum 10:37 min
Law of Torques 13:08 min
New: Torque Forces Applied to the Forearm in Equilibrium 9:25 min
Fluids 3:05 min
New: Fluid Statics Revisited 6:16 min
Fluids in Motion 6:06 min
Archimedes' Principle 4:58 min
Sound 9:18 min
Doppler Effect 8:39 min
Electromagnetism 21:55 min
Electromagnetic Spectrum 7:05 min
Simple Harmonic Motion 6:29 min
New: Simple Pendulum and Practice Problems 12:26 min

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