Gold Standard MCAT Organic Chemistry Videos

Gold Standard MCAT Videos in Organic Chemistry

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Reaction Mechanisms I

New: Stereochemistry Practice Problem

MCAT Organic Chemistry Videos

New: Introduction to Organic Chemistry 3:08 min
Stereochemistry I 5:49 min
Stereochemistry II 11:06 min
Stereochemistry III 5:39 min
New: Stereochemistry IV 28:41 min
New: R/S Configuration (Stereochemistry) 25:55 min
New: Stereochemistry Practice Problem 7:30 min
Reaction Mechanisms I 12:43 min
Reaction Mechanisms II 4:56 min
Reaction Mechanisms III 9:02 min
The Carbonyl Group I 3:18 min
The Carbonyl Group II 5:05 min
The Carbonyl Group III 5:43 min
Acetals/Ketals I 15:36 min
Acetals/Ketals II 11:34 min
New: Reactions at Positions Adjacent to Carbonyl Groups 16:58 min
Substitution I 8:46 min
Substitution II 5:19 min
Substitution III 5:01 min
Carboxylic Acids I 4:17 min
Carboxylic Acids II 3:21 min
The Tetrahedral Intermediate 8:03 min
Amides 8:35 min
Elimination I* 10:45 min
Elimination II* 8:34 min
Elimination vs. Substitution* 9:45 min
Alkenes I* 5:50 min
Alkenes II* 5:12 min
Free Radicals 6:16 min
Redox Reactions 5:21 min
Redox Reactions II* (Ozonolysis) 3:16 min
Redox Reactions III 5:08 min
Aromatic Rings I 18:38 min
Aromatic Rings II 3:13 min
Spectroscopy 6:16 min
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 11:33 min
Amino Acids 9:10 min
Protein Structure 7:28 min

* Although a basic understanding of alkene chemistry is useful for some MCAT questions, specific knowledge of alkane/alkene/alkyne chemistry is not required for the current version of the MCAT.

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Gold Standard MCAT Videos

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