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Enhancing Your Pre-Med GPA: Lectures and Notes

When it comes to earning good grades in any course, you cannot underestimate the power of your attitude. A positive attitude, intrinsic motivation, and a genuine interest in... Read more

Enhancing Your Pre-Med GPA: Courses and Coherence

Before the MCAT, there is your pre-med GPA. Despite your diligent research, stellar preparation, and unique extracurricular activities, the first thing on your application medical... Read more

Enhancing Your Pre-Med GPA: Efficient Studying and Study Aids

During the average school day, you can find time during breaks, between classes, and after school to quickly review your notes in a library or another quiet place... Read more

How to Take MCAT Practice Tests: A 5-Point Guide

As we have previously discussed, MCAT practice tests are the best practice you can get when it comes to the MCAT. However, for the most benefit you must make a science ... Read more

MCAT Practice Tests: The Best Practice You Can Get

It is quite common for students to stress over their MCAT scores from their practice tests--or any life-changing exam for that matter. After all, keeping track of your results... Read more

How to Make Your MCAT Preparation Personal

Preparing for the MCAT exam can feel stale, disinteresting, and at times restrictive. Pouring over pages of facts and formulas for hours can easily become frustrating. Enter... Read more

Effective Note Taking for the MCAT

That's right, effectively studying for the MCAT requires more than just reading through pages and pages of review books. Like every other important exam... Read more

How to Make an Effective MCAT Study Schedule

One of the major factors essential to achievement in any field is planning. And the same thing applies when preparing for the MCAT. It is true that some... Read more

10 Ways You Can Get a Higher MCAT Score

Preparing for the MCAT involves a lot of strategy. However, the most important strategy involves figuring out what best fits your test-taking abilities. Therefore, these 10 tips... Read more

What Are the Best MCAT Prep Materials?

Today, there are a lot of MCAT preparation materials available for pre-meds. In fact, it often seems like new options pop up every day! Then, as much as pre-meds talk... Read more

Are MCAT Flashcards helpful for MCAT Review?

The Gold Standard MCAT Flashcards App covers all the essential MCAT science concepts you need to know for test day. It contains 445 questions divided into three categories... Read more

Your MCAT Noteboard Booklet: Enemy or Friend?

Some students are surprised to receive a laminated notepad and a marker ("wet-erase pen") instead of scratch paper... Read more

How to Determine When to Take the MCAT

When should I take the MCAT? This is the perfect example of one question with more than one correct answer! The reason for this is because each individual's situation is... Read more

Finding the Courage to Retake the MCAT

After waiting 30 to 35 days to receive your test results, you log in…….and you are not happy with your score. Indeed, after months of studying for the MCAT and developing... Read more

How to Juggle MCAT Prep and Work (It Can Be Done!)

You are not alone. Every year, thousands of students must make the difficult decision to work their way through undergraduate school. Whether you are working on-campus... Read more

MCAT Math Tricks

Do you know that you can make "magic" with numbers on the MCAT? In fact, understanding some basic principles of math can make certain aspects of the MCAT easier saving you testing time in the long run... Read more

7 Tips for MCAT Biochemistry

Are you confused about the importance of MCAT biochemistry, or about the type of biochemistry content found in the MCAT exam?... Read more

Overcoming Your MCAT Exam Fears

The last thing you want to do a few days or a few hours before a major exam, like the MCAT, is to cram. The worst thing that can happen is to lose your confidence for the test... Read more

Clinical Shadowing and Medical School

Strong GPA...check. Good MCAT score...check. Volunteer hours...check! Pre-med students often believe all they need to be competitive... Read more

How to Write Your Medical School Personal Statement

You likely know that it takes a lot of information to apply to medical school. Whether you are applying to medical school through... Read more

Tackling the Medical School Letter of Recommendation

You should know that most medical schools have a certain number of letters of recommendation that they require... Read more

Upcoming Med School Interview? What You Should Wear...

Now that you have successfully overcome the academic and MCAT hurdles, you need to take another important step in the medical school admission process... Read more

6 Little Known Facts About Pre-Med Success

There is nothing easy about getting into medical school. Nevertheless, year after year, pre-med students succeed in getting accepted and you can too! Pre-med students... Read more

Some Words of Encouragement for Premeds

The medical school application and admission process is a lot about confidence. And you build that confidence by learning as much... Read more

How to Make the Most of Your MCAT Study Group

In order to get the most from your MCAT preparation, you should allow yourself three to six months to study. Some students prefer to study on their own while others prefer the support or solidarity... Read more

How to Win the MCAT Marathon

Are you prepared for the MCAT marathon? Many students consider the MCAT to be a marathon that tests mental stamina - your ability to endure the long hours of critically analyzing every word to ensure you didn't miss anything. Read more

How to Prepare for the MCAT Amid COVID-19

Preparing for the MCAT is not an easy feat. It takes months of dedicated studying if you are aiming to get a good score... Read more