Gold Standard MCAT General Chemistry Videos

Gold Standard MCAT General Chemistry Videos

The Gold Standard MCAT General Chemistry videos were carefully produced to make your preparation easier.

Some MCAT General Chemistry videos were produced prior to 2015 when the MCAT was simpler than the current version of the exam. We kept these videos because students found them helpful for additional review.

To access the general chemistry videos listed below, you may:

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New: Gibbs Free Energy

MCAT Chemistry Videos

Atom (General Chemistry) 26:12 min
The Periodic Table 5:31 min
New: The Periodic Table, Part 2 10:16 min
New: Stoichiometry 21:20 min
Chemical Bonds 6:20 min
Hydrogen Bonds 6:21 min
Ionic and Covalent Bonds 2:31 min
Lewis Dot Structures 3:45 min
Multiple Bonds 5:15 min
Resonance 4:29 min
Molecular Polarity 3:47 min
Hybridization 9:46 min
Hybrid Orbitals 5:44 min
Gases 5:12 min
Avogadro's Law 4:03 min
Equation of State 5:12 min
Graham's Law 1:57 min
New: Deviation from the Ideal Gas Law 8:29 min
Liquids 4:52 min
Maxwell's Distribution Plot 4:40 min
Boiling, Melting Points 4:11 min
Le Chatelier's Principle 2:11 min
New: Le Chatelier's Principle: Practice Problem 6:41 min
Solutions (Concentration) 5:51 min
Phase Diagrams 6:29 min
Raoult's Law 2:03 min
Boiling, Freezing Point Changes 5:50 min
Acids and Bases 3:42 min
Acids and Bases: Strong 4:31 min
Acids and Bases: Weak 13:37 min
New: Buffers 16:20 min
Titrations 6:24 min
New: A Closer Look at Titrations 16:57 min
Oxidation Numbers 6:45 min
Solubility Product 5:57 min
Hess's Law 5:54 min
Rate Law 9:20 min
New: Rate Law Equation and Graphs 09:01 min
Potential Energy Diagrams 6:51 min
Electrolysis 8:30 min
Electrochemical Cell 12:39 min
Thermochemistry 3:00 min
Calorimetry 8:23 min
Thermodynamics 5:05 min
New: Gibbs Free Energy Revisited 5:38 min

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Gold Standard MCAT Videos

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