MCAT General Chemistry Review Summary

Gold Standard MCAT Prep's MCAT General Chemistry Review Summary ('cheat sheet' notes)

This MCAT General Chemistry Review Summary Page is by no means an exhaustive review of MCAT General Chemistry. Our summary is only meant to highlight key points that are most helpful for the MCAT. For MCAT General Chemistry, it helps to understand vocabulary, definitions and equations. In some respects, this General Chemistry cheat sheet will minimize your need to memorize information and maximize your General Chemistry review.

For a list of General Chemistry topics for the MCAT, see our MCAT topics list. You can also access practice questions in our free MCAT practice test, or our many full-length MCAT practice tests.


MCAT General Chemistry review of stoichiometry - chemical reactions, mixtures, etc.

MCAT General Chemistry cheat sheet on electronic structure as well as metals and nonmetals.

A cheat sheet on bonding - from partial ionic character to Lewis Acids and Lewis Bases

A General Chemistry summary on Graham's Law, Charles' Law, phase changes and more.

A General Chemistry summary on Raoult's Law, units of concentration and more.

A General Chemistry summary on acids and bases plus a video on Buffers.

Key points about the First Law of Thermodynamics, temperature scales and more.

Learn the basics - heat of reaction, bond dissociation energies and much more.

MCAT Chemistry summary on the rate processes in chemical reactions.

MCAT Chemistry summary related to electrochemistry including mnemonics.

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