MCAT General Chemistry Review Summary

Gold Standard MCAT General Chemistry Review Summary ('cheat sheet' notes)

This MCAT General Chemistry Review Summary Page highlights key points that are most useful for your preparation. What you will need is to understand the vocabulary, definitions, and equations. In some respects, this General Chemistry cheat sheet will minimize your need to memorize information and maximize your review.

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MCAT General Chemistry review of chemical reactions, mixtures, etc.

Conventional notation for electronic structure and more.

Bonding: partial ionic character, Lewis Acids and Bases, and more.

Boost your knowledge on phases and phase equilibria.

Solution chemistry: Raoult's Law, common anions and cations, etc.

Summary on acids and bases plus a video on Buffers.

First Law of Thermodynamics, temperature scales and more.

Enthalpy and Thermochemistry: heat reactions, entropy and more.

Summary on the rate processes in chemical reactions.

MCAT chemistry summaries: generalities, galvanic cells and more.

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