MCAT Prep Courses

Gold Standard MCAT prep courses include thousands of online practice questions

Our online MCAT prep courses can be chosen based on your needs and/or budget. Our Gold Standard courses are offered as monthly subscriptions with instant access, cancel anytime, or with fixed fees for a period of 6 months or 1 year. All courses include a content review and there are options below which range from 2 to 16 full-length MCAT practice tests.

All our online MCAT prep courses are designed to simulate the current version of the exam. If you are not looking for an online MCAT prep course but you are just looking for practice questions, click here: Gold Standard MCAT Question Bank. Note that all our programs come with single-user accounts. If you wish a bulk purchase for your institution or tutor service, please contact us directly for possible discounts at For information about the MCAT, click here: What is the MCAT?


MCAT Crash Course

100% Online

$49.95 / month

mcat crash course includes ebooks, cars, over 3000 questions, videos and 2 full-length mcat practice tests

  • High-yield online chapters from The Gold Standard MCAT followed by chapter review questions with helpful explanations. These high-yield ebooks cover Psychology, Sociology, MCAT Math, Physics, General and Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology.
  • MCAT CARS program with strategies, advice and hundreds of practice questions
  • 30+ hours online MCAT videos on Physics, Biology, General and Organic Chemistry
  • 2 full-length new MCAT practice tests with explanations and instant scaled scores for all 4 multiple choice sections
  • GS-Free: 1 abbreviated new MCAT practice test
  • A total of more than 3000 practice questions with helpful solutions (click here for current breakdown)
  • Unlimited single-user exam submissions and corrections during your access period with each test saved in your History section
  • MCAT Prep Forum access
  • Monthly subscription; cancel or upgrade anytime


MCAT University

100% Online

$79.95 / month

mcat university course includes ebooks, cars, over 3500 questions, videos and 4 full-length mcat practice tests

  • MCAT University includes all of MCAT Crash Course plus:
  • Additional 2 full-length new MCAT practice tests, thus, a total of 4 full-lengths.
  • Additional 5 MCAT CARS practice tests with content different from our 5 full-length exams
  • A total of more than 3500 practice questions with helpful solutions (click here for current breakdown)
  • Unlimited single-user exam attempts during your access period with each test saved in your History section
  • Monthly subscription; cancel or upgrade anytime



MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills: Online


This program is automatically part of all of our Online MCAT Prep Courses but is also available separately for those who do not need a review of other subjects.

  • 5 full-length online timed MCAT CARS tests with explanations
  • Warm up exercises and test-taking strategies
  • Tests are different from those included in our 5 Gold Standard full-length MCAT practice tests
  • Unlimited single-user exam attempts permitted during your access period with each MCAT CARS test saved in your History section
  • Access period: 3 months


Complete Home Study MCAT Course

6 mos. online access


complete homestudy mcat course

Tangible Materials:
  • The new AAMC official guide to the MCAT exam
  • The Examkrackers MCAT Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research & Math
  • The New Gold Standard MCAT BIO textbook (Biology and Biochemistry review) - updated in full color with questions with solutions
  • MP3 audio files with brief science summary (4 hours)
  • The AAMC and Gold Standard (GS) MCAT Flashcards PLUS the GS iPhone or Android app
Online Materials (online access for 6 months):
  • MCAT Psychology, Sociology, Physics, General and Organic Chemistry ebooks followed by basic to challenging practice questions with solutions
  • Unlimited viewing of our 30-hour science review video library during your access period
  • 5 full-length MCAT practice tests with solutions and explanations to all 4 sections
  • The Gold Standard MCAT CARS program including 5 tests different from our full-length tests
  • A total of more than 4000 practice questions with helpful solutions (click here for current breakdown)
  • Medical School Interview Online Video (100 minutes)


Complete MCAT Course: Platinum Package

All Gold Standard and All AAMC Materials: 1 year

$2000 $1600.00

Save $400.00

complete mcat course platinum package includes all gold standard and all aamc materials

  • All features of the Gold Standard Home Study MCAT Course described above, plus:
  • 4 Official AAMC full-length MCAT practice tests: 1) AAMC Sample Test; 2) Practice Exam 1; 3) Practice Exam 2; 4) Practice Exam 3 - all written by the developers of the actual MCAT exam​ (online)​​​​
  • New Gold Standard tests GS-6 and GS-7, Next Step Prep Tests NS-1, 2, 3 and 4, and Examkrackers EK-Tests® EK-1 and EK-2 for a total of 16 full-length practice tests + GS-Free
  • A total of more than 7000 practice questions with helpful explanations including all AAMC released practice question banks and exams (click here for current breakdown)
  • Online access begins instantly after payment and continues for 12 months. Note: all Gold Standard exams include unlimited single-user submissions/corrections for one Year. However, each of the AAMC practice materials (with the exception of the Section Bank, which allows 10 “starts”) allow up to 5 “starts” so you can re-take them up to 5 times.
  • MCAT Score Guarantee: Get the score you want or repeat online access to Gold Standard content for an additional 6 months for free. Even if your score improved, if you have not reached your goal and intend to try again, access will be extended without charge.
  • All books, videos and other materials are the newest editions published for the current MCAT exam. You will not require any other books, notes or materials to prepare for the MCAT. Our MCAT Study Schedule provides guidance for the effective use of all materials that come with your Gold Standard MCAT Course.

Please note: All Gold Standard online access accounts are single-user accounts. Accounts that operate outside of our Terms of Use can be terminated without refund. The inclusion of third party resources (AAMC, NS, EK) does not imply endorsement. MCAT is a registered trademark of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), which does not endorse this Gold Standard MCAT course or our methodology. All AAMC, NS and EK content will be accessed through their respective websites with single-user access codes. If you already own any of the materials in our MCAT Platinum Package, you can email or call us for a possible discount. GS and AAMC access is for 1 full year. NS and EK access is for 6 months and will be provided when you are ready to begin full-length testing to ensure that you have the maximum time to access your additional practice exams. NS tests come with 20 single-user exam attempts: a limit of 5 times each for the 4 practice tests within your access period. GS and EK tests come with Unlimited single-user exam submissions and corrections during your access period.

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