MCAT Practice Tests: The Best Practice You Can Get

MCAT Practice Tests: The Best Practice You Can Get

  • December 28, 2022

It is quite common for students to stress over their practice test scores for the MCAT--or any life-changing exam for that matter. After all, keeping track of your results from practice tests define the extent and pace of your preparation before the “actual thing.”

On the other hand, students tend to overlook one essential and vital element in their test preparation and that is, confidence. Oftentimes, the level of difficulty a particular exam exudes depends on your ability to focus on multiple passages, your familiarity with the flow of the exam, and your knowledge that you are up against random topics.

Therefore, taking full-length practice tests that simulate the real MCAT exam should prepare you by exposing you to a broad spectrum of content and effective strategies while granting you a mindset that will keep you from panicking on test day. In other words, the more MCAT practice tests you take, the less surprises you can expect on the real exam.

Now, remember that your practice test results should be used primarily to identify your weaknesses and learn from them in the process. MCAT success entails acquiring the right strategies along with addressing your errors. So, here are some important questions to ask yourself during your post-test analysis:

  • Did I read the questions thoroughly?
  • Did I fully understand what the questions were asking?
  • Did I have any idea what the passages were talking about?
  • Did I read all the answer choices thoroughly?
  • Did I second-guess my answer?

Unfortunately, performing poorly on the MCAT despite studying prep materials is a common story among students. Time constraints, tough passages, and surprising questions can all get the best of you if you are not prepared for them. For these reasons, you must learn to feel comfortable, confident, and focused with the real exam scenario. And you can best achieve this by taking practice tests.

Ideally, you should schedule time to take two to three timed, full-length, practice tests each week for at least two months prior to your test day. And do not forget to try our free MCAT practice test!

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