6 Little Known Facts About Pre-Med Success

6 Little Known Facts About Pre-Med Success

  • March 15, 2023

There is nothing easy about getting into medical school. Nevertheless, year after year, pre-med students succeed in getting accepted and you can too!

Pre-med students, medical students, and physicians alike can share with you the personal struggles they had to overcome as a pre-med student before they reached success. However, you will find that all those stories contain some common elements that are not always well-known, but become quite familiar along your journey.

So, here are six little known facts about attaining pre-med success:

#1: It is okay to take baby steps

A major part of the pre-med experience is feeling behind -- behind in your classes, behind in your MCAT preparation, behind in life! Let's face it, being a pre-med student means taking on big goals which can become overwhelming. Therefore, you must commit yourself to dividing those big, long-term goals into small, short-term goals. Taking those baby steps will make your big goals that much more attainable. Moreover, remain open-minded especially when results are not what you expected. You can always try new approaches.

#2: Seek support as much as possible

The next important thing to realize and remember as a pre-med student is that you are not alone. For all the people in your life who may call you crazy for wanting to be a doctor, there is almost certainly just as many people in your corner ready to cheer you on. These people may include your family, friends, classmates, professors, employers, etc. Such support keeps you going and helps you accomplish more. So never hesitate to say, "I need help," and once you have established a reliable support group, stay in close touch with them.

#3: Study for the MCAT early and regularly

The earlier you start thinking about the MCAT, the better prepared you will be. Get an idea of when you would like to take the exam then work backwards by allowing yourself three to six months to study. Keep in mind that you should complete the necessary pre-med courses prior to starting your MCAT study schedule. For more information, refer to our MCAT preparation advice and review the college courses which could help simplify your MCAT prep.

#4: Learn the medical school admission process

Even if you will not be applying to medical school for awhile, you should start researching the schools that interest you. Read as much as you can about each school including their prerequisites as well as the importance they place on your GPA, MCAT results, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and interview. If you need clarifications or have any additional questions, contact the school's office of admissions by phone or email and try to get in touch with a current student. Click here: Official Guide to Medical School Admissions

#5: Remember how it feels to be you

Being a pre-med student demands a great deal of your time and energy. Still, to avoid burnout or disinterest, remain engaged in your hobbies and other personal interests. Exercise, maintain your social life (or get one!), and do things you genuinely enjoy. These activities will not only create a balance with your study and work life, but also give you an outlet which will in turn help you work more efficiently. On another note, medical schools like students who possess interests outside of medicine.

#6: Always believe in yourself

It may sound simple, but self-confidence is by far one of the greatest secrets to success in any field. You must understand that you will experience setbacks, delays, and failures; but, they each place you one step closer to your personal success story. So believe in yourself and keep pushing forward, for the only person standing between you and success is yourself.

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