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Gold Standard has over 25 years’ experience helping students through their MCAT preparation. All our resources are designed and taught by experts in their field. The results are award-winning multimedia materials that have helped tens of thousands of students on the path to becoming doctors. What’s more, no other company offers as wide a range of MCAT prep resources as Gold Standard.

All our resources, from online courses to practice tests, are based on problem-based learning. Which means that with Gold Standard, you don’t just hope to pass your exam. You prepare to ace it.

We are with you every step of the way. Contact us by phone, email or our online customer support live chat for help or advice regarding our MCAT prep materials.

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Gold Standard MCAT Prep Programs

Combine the best Gold Standard tools to optimize your MCAT preparation. Note: all practice exams are full-length tests except for our Free MCAT Practice Test.
Only the Gold Standard MCAT exams include unlimited exam attempts within your access period.

Gold Standard package Physical books E-books Video library Number of practice questions Number of practice exams Online access period Price
Free MCAT Practice Test
  • All 4 sections covered (approx. 1/3 of a full-length test)
78 1
1 year


4 Free MCAT Science Summaries
  • Physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry
10 Indefinite


MCAT Study Guide
  • Online introduction to the MCAT
  • Helpful advice and study schedule
7 Indefinite


MCAT Crash Course
  • 100% online, instant access
  • All topics reviewed; cancel anytime
  • Includes MCAT CARS Booster (see below)
7 3000+ 2 Unlimited use during subscription


  • 5 online Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) tests
  • Warm-up exercises and test-taking strategies
480+ 5+ 3 months’ unlimited use


Full-length MCAT Practice Tests
  • Your choice of up to 7 Gold Standard full-length exams
  • AAMC* format, different questions
  • Helpful, detailed explanations
1610 7 Unlimited use during subscription

$20/month per exam

MCAT Question Bank
  • 100% online, instant access
  • From basic questions to MCAT-level reasoning to full-length exams
  • Includes MCAT CARS Booster
  • Warm-up exercises and test-taking strategies
7 4000+ 7
3 months' unlimited use


MCAT Question Bank + all AAMC* materials
  • Full Question Bank package (see above) + all official AAMC* materials
1 7 6000+ 11 Question Bank:
3 months
AAMC: 1 year


MCAT Prep Home Study Package
  • Extensive study materials: Learn, review and practice
  • Books, eBooks, flashcards, MP3s, apps, medical school interview video + more
3 7 4000+ 5 6 months


Complete MCAT Course:
Platinum Package
  • All Gold Standard materials
  • All official AAMC* materials
  • 17 full-length exams: 2 Examkrackers, 4 AAMC and 4 Next Step and 7 Gold Standard
  • MCAT Score Guarantee**
3 7 7000+ 17 1 year***


Complete MCAT Course:
Platinum Package Plus
  • Choose a boxed set of books from Kaplan (7 books), Princeton Review (7 books), or Examkrackers (6 books)
  • MCAT Score Guarantee**
  • Detailed MCAT study schedule
7+ 7 9000+ 20 1 year***


*MCAT is a registered trademark of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), which does not endorse this study guide or our methodology.
**Get the score you want or repeat online access to Gold Standard content FREE for six more months. Even if your score improves, if you don’t reach your goal and intend to try again, access will be extended without charge. 
***Each of the AAMC practice materials (with the exception of the Section Bank, which allows 10 'starts') allows up to 5 'starts' so you can re-take them up to 5 times, with an access period of 1 year. 

The inclusion of third party resources does not imply endorsement. All content is accessed from the original manufacturers through their respective websites with single-user access codes.

Next Step and Examkrackers access is for 6 months and will be provided when you are ready to begin full-length testing, to ensure you have maximum time to access your additional practice exams. Next Step tests come with 20 single-user exam attempts. Gold Standard and Examkrackers’ tests come with unlimited single-user exam submissions and corrections during your access period.

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