Are MCAT Flashcards Helpful for MCAT Review?

Are MCAT Flashcards Helpful for MCAT Review?

  • August 25, 2022

Yes! MCAT flashcards are helpful for a variety of reasons. For instance:

  • Flashcards promote spaced repetition learning, which consists of studying the same information at spaced intervals. Research has shown that this type of studying, as opposed to pouring over one topic or material, greatly improves memory retention.
  • Flashcards require you to take the deliberate action of recalling information, which boosts your memory better than just relying solely on reading facts and figures in textbooks.
  • MCAT flashcards breakdown hundreds of concepts into essential facts.
  • Flashcards allow you to study on the go.
  • Flashcards can be used as visual tools, which benefits visual learners, and read aloud, which benefits auditory learners.

We here at Gold Standard offer MCAT flashcards in iPhone and Android

The Gold Standard MCAT Flashcards App covers all the essential MCAT science concepts you need to know for test day. It contains 445 questions divided into three categories--Basic, Most Tested, and MCAT 528. The “Basic” category represents the most basic science concepts while the “Most Tested” category represents science concepts that you are most likely to see on the exam. The “MCAT 528” category contains the most challenging MCAT questions to increase your knowledge and build your stamina.

Your scores are saved within the app, so you can keep track of your progress. It also gives you the option to mark questions for later review. Integrated within the app, you will also find a total of 40 MCAT videos by Dr. Brett Ferdinand, an MCAT tutor who aced the MCAT exam and understands the MCAT preparation process well.

So, if you have yet to invest in flashcards to reinforce your MCAT review, now is the time to do so. Best of luck to you as you shuffle your way to MCAT success!

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