How to Prepare for the MCAT Amid COVID-19

Preparing for the MCAT during COVID-19

  • February 1, 2022

Preparing for the MCAT is not an easy feat. It takes months of dedicated studying if you are aiming to get a good score. It's especially overwhelming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to make the most out of your MCAT preparation until your MCAT test date.

  • 1) Continue to review your Gold Notes made from your MCAT prep content review and previous practice tests. The more you review and study unfamiliar concepts, the easier it is for these items to remain in your long-term memory. Now that there is more time to memorize it all, start (or continue) to use Anki flashcards for those hard-to-learn words and concepts!

  • 2) Work through problem sets in your MCAT prep lessons for which you would not otherwise have the time. There are plenty of practice questions under Gold Standard MCAT's lessons that can help strengthen certain concepts and expose you to different question types.

  • 3) Reschedule your mock exam days until later. The full-length practice exams are the best indicators when it comes to gauging your readiness for the real exam. These should be shifted to reflect your new MCAT date. Depending on how many full-length MCAT practice tests that you have left, you can save them until the end.

  • 4) Be sure to update your study schedule. If you have created your own study schedule, make sure that you have allotted an appropriate amount of time to review your notes and Anki cards prior to your new test date. You may also make use of our 2-month and 3-month MCAT study schedules and/or consider one of our Homestudy MCAT prep courses - which come with a premium 3-month study schedule that includes all of the MCAT prep materials you will need to ace the exam.

  • 5) Lastly, staying safe and healthy during this stressful time is the most important thing. Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and stay informed about national and local recommendations regarding self-isolation. Make sure to take breaks in between your studying to connect with your family, friends, and pets. There are numerous ways to stay connected with one another such as using social media and messaging apps while keeping the physical, social distancing. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key ingredient in sustaining an engaged and focused mindset for taking on the MCAT exam.

That is all for now folks! You are indeed a true champion for enduring the COVID-19 situation. And remember: stay positive, be kind to your loved ones (and strangers!), and use all your resources wisely.

Best of luck with your MCAT prep!

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